Closer Than We Imagine

Closer than We Imagine


This is a book, Richard never expected to write, wanted to write, but one he felt he must write.

Richard and D'Ann's life was blessed. They had a stable, happy marriage with a family and friend's woven into their thirty three years of married life. They were eagerly planning on slowing down after Richard's eighth book, which was to be published 1996. On August 1st 1995, D'Ann was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She died a little over four months later on Dec 18.

After D'Ann's death, Richard's four-year spiritual journey, including some extraordinary and wonderful experience changed him from a skeptical agnostic to a rock solid believer in the hereafter. In this special book, he offers to share his experience with his readers hoping his words will may bring comfort and hope to those who have been physically separated from their loved ones. The events, which have unfolded since D'Ann's passing, according to Richard, has provided more than sufficient evidence that our spiritual life is never ending.

Recommended Age:

Overall Length:
188 pages

Pages with Photos:
4 pages

Writers Digest Merit Book Award

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"Closer Than We Imagine is a beautiful memoir of spiritual growth and the hereafter. Wainwright teaches without being preachy. The poetry and formats keep the readers reading...the photos help us believe this wonderful story. A good book for adults who have lost someone. Wonderful for healing... a daring spiritual quest.
Writers Digest Merit Book Award

"CLOSER THAN WE IMAGINE is beautifully written. Having emerged from a battle with cancer, the thoughts were all the more meaningful for me. It is an inspiration for anyone dealing with the pain of loss. The genius of literature is to allow the reader to share a significant life experience with the author. You have achieved this brilliantly."
Honorable Robert A. Welsh, Jr., MA

"Thank you for writing CLOSER THAN WE IMAGINE. It is one thing to deal with the death of a loved one who has lived to a ripe old age. It is another thing to deal with the death of one who has not followed the pattern as it is supposed to unfold... . What a gift to have the ability to put your experiences into words that can be extended to others. All of your books help people deal with many of life's issues."
Dr. Beverly B. Kilpatrick

"I have faced death many times: loved ones, friends and almost daily in my nursing career. The three things we all need are Faith, Family and Friends. Richard's story shows the strength of all three. Richard's journey and his courage in sharing that journey with us, is in itself, spiritual. CLOSER THAN WE IMAGINE is a gift to all who read it and will serve as a vehicle to help many other people."
Kay Walsh, MA

"Thank you for your courage to write CLOSER THAN WE IMAGINE... a story written from the heart. As one who has had a near-death experience, one who works as a Hospice volunteer, and is a member of The Bereavement Ministry team of our church, this is the book I have been waiting for! It will be an honor for me to share your gentle message of love, hope, comfort and joy!"
Penny Wigglesworth, MA

"I continue to be delightfully haunted by the message I received from CLOSER THAN WE IMAGINE. It truly afforded me a degree of inner peace."
Loree Titone, NJ