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Royal Koi and Kindred Spirits


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"Readers of Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits will be deeply moved by your wonderful story. Those who have been touched by cancer will find renewed inspiration and hope from your tale of courage, community concern, sacrafice and love."
Ruth Hart, Palm Coast, FL

"Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits is an inspiring story of empathy, compassion, sacrifice, loss and the elevation of the indomitable human spirit. Wainwright's narrative magic, complemented by the artistic talent of Becky Haletky, has produced a compelling, poignant story that will touch and inspire young and old alike."
Ken Brynildsen, Author

"Through torrents of guests, mostly our children, we have put aside to read and enjoy your charming and touching book, Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits. We had tears in our eyes as we read your words, joy in our hearts and enjoyed the beautiful illustrations." Madeline and Gordon Hamersley

"I am a member of a local pond and Koi club, who was asked to read a galley copy of your book, Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits. My point of view is also that of a 60 year old retired elementary school teacher. Your book delivers quite a punch. I was warned that it was a tear jerker, so I expected a sad ending. But what I found was a story that brought tears of joy for the goodness of people – tears that flowed often, not just at the end. This story would make a wonderful movie - a mini series, after school special. It is a modal and inspiration for human compassion, empowerment and activism.

It is also surprisingly packed with countless authentic details about so many issues, causes and facets of life – even the way characters relate to other. They feel like people you might know. The beautiful pictures add to the reading.

Richard, you have quite a talent. Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits is a story I will not forget. Best wishes for continued success.
Jo Anne James, NY Koi & Pond Club

"I absolutely loved the heartwarming story! The description of the family's struggle while a child is undergoing cancer treatment is EXACTLY what the National Children's Cancer Society helps with everyday."
Melissa Aubuchon, NCCS

"Prose with a purpose - a book about giving of yourself for any age, young or old. Giving up something special to create possibilities for someone else is just one of the lessons in this heartfelt book rich in courage, hope and love. Any generation, age or culture can learn from Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits. One read and you'll think how you can help young people who have cancer. One of the best examples of compassion leading to action. You can't read Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits without being moved deeply. "
Beth Janery, CT

"All I can say is WOW! That was a very powerful and moving story. I couldn't keep the tears from flowing. My husband asked what I was crying about. I couldn't answer him because I couldn't keep my voice from wobbling. According to my husband, the Koi facts were accurate. I have three grandchildren. They are too young for the story at this point, but I will sure to get it for them when they are at the appropriate age. I think you should submit it for a Caldecott Medal. "
Kathy Hursh Genesee Valley Koi Club

ROYAL KOI & KINDRED SPIRITS: Richard Wainwright newest book continues to serve as a magnificent example of the values and lessons that we work to instill in our children every day. Not only do we all experience the joy of reading Richard's stories together, but they remind us to be the best people we can as we relate to one another.
Marna Blomberg, Pembroke, MA

ROYAL KOI & KINDRED SPIRITS is a sensitive story blending cultures, caring and compassion to bring out the best in human nature, enhanced by the beautiful illustrations. Kudos to Richard Wainwright.
Ruth Hart, Florida

Through torrents of guests, mostly our children, we have put aside to read and enjoy your charming and touching book, Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits. We had tears in our eyes as we read your words, joy in our hearts and enjoyed the beautiful illustrations.
Madeline and Gordon Hamersley

"I am impressed. The look and feel of the book is solid and the illustrations were done so very well. There are places where I can still feel the magic and fun of your earlier stories, POOFIN and A TINY MIRACLE. Now you have added significant depth to what I perceived as a warm, family oriented and spiritually themed style.

There is complete character development and a wonderful message. Becoming emotional while reading a book is uncommon for me, but you created such a compelling tale of community and involvement where your characters have a quality that does not require personal reward to care for neighbors in need, that I found myself near tears several times. Thank you for allowing us to share this hopeful vision of unselfish relationships and family."
James M. Donahue