Tyler Lee Smith, an adopted boy of Philippino and Chinese descent finds himself on a journey filled with hardship, triumphs and self-exploration as he follows his own unique path. His life takes its first turn when he experiences a serious head injury. After his recovery, Tyler begins to see his life through a new lens. Throughout the story, many themes are brought to light including self-doubt, emotional growth, the joy of helping others, a family's unconditional love for one another, homelessness, philanthropy, adoption, the benefits and limitations of technology, as well as the quest for inner peace. This is a story about accepting who you are and understanding the joy of giving back to others. But most importantly, Tyler learns that each one of us can make a difference - that we are all "Messengers".

Recommended Age:
8 through Adult

Overall Length:
62 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
29 pages

Writers Digest Merit Book Award

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"MESSENGERS is an inspirational book. This book clearly gets across the message of love - for everyone - and that age and skin color are totally immaterial. Wainwright's next book will be hard to follow the inspiration of this one."
Dick Thompson, FL

"After reading MESSENGERS I have but one wish: that everyone who reads Richard's work will be touched and motivated to love one another... . to stop thinking and feel what is in their hearts, as Richard Wainwright has done during his writing career."
Tyler R. McNamara, High School Student, MA

"MESSENGERS: Richard takes a great risk in writing a beautiful book about unity in diversity. A noble work showing the underlying common truths in all great religions."
Heber Kimball, Ph.D., UT

"MESSENGERS deals with a profound message of hope. One person can make a difference. Love and compassion given freely is more often than not returned many fold. People can change and influence the lives and attitudes of others - often without realizing it. A wonderful uplifting story - makes one fell optimistic about our society and our future."
Fran MacPhail, MA

"MESSENGERS is the best. Richard Wainwright's books for children, young adults and parents are a refreshing change from the usual reading materials for families."
Jim Donahue, FL