Nana, Grampa, & Tecumseh

Nana, Grampa and Tecumseh


NANA, GRAMPA AND TECUMSEH is a poignant celebration of family life. It is a story of junior high school twins, Amanda and Jonathan who lost their father in a tragic car accident. The twins often spend weekends and vacations with their grandparents. Slowly they learn the miracle and richness of life from Nana and Grampa.

Grampa takes Amanda and Jonathan to visit Tecumseh, Grampa's own tree of life. He shares with the children his strong sense of ancestry, his deep love of nature and his extensive knowledge of Indian lore. Grampa's compassion and love of family help Amanda and Jonathan accept their father's death, their mother's new husband and the multiculturalism of life.

Grampa's final request of the twins is a last visit to Tecumseh's glen. On this journey the three generations strengthen their eternal bonds.

The children's understanding of the web of life, taught by the soul of their grandfather, is a story for all ages. Once again Richard M. Wainwright touches us all with this heartfelt story of a family, life's mysteries, their love for each other and the path all living creatures must travel.

Recommended Age:
8 through Adult

Overall Length:
62 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
35 pages

Benjamin Franklin Award

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"NANA, GRAMPA & TECUMSEH. The quality of the writing is such that you fall in love with the story at once. The story flows with ease. The illustrations are not only exquisite, but also, their special beauty flows with the text.
Literary Awards Judge, PMA, CA

"NANA, GRAMPA & TECUMSEH. A beautiful story for teaching children about death and dying in a loving, caring and inspirational way."
Heber Kimball, Ph.D., UT

"Richard, your stories are beautifully written and always thought provoking. I have a collection for myself, but find great pleasure in giving them as gifts. I recently bought NANA, GRAMPA & TECUMSEH for people with a recent loss. Of course, I read it first. As a Hospice Volunteer, I found this story to be very comforting."
Merri Serra, MA

"I loved NANA, GRAMPA & TECUMSEH. It was filled with grace and beauty. There's a Yiddish saying: "When the heart is full, the eyes overflow." As you have done many times with your books, you brought tears to my eyes. Reading about Amanda and Jonathan's relationship with their Grampa has filled a kind of void in me - a lovely book - a blessing to those lucky enough to read it. You've given another gift to the world.
Ken Brynildse, Author, MA

"NANA, GRAMPA & TECUMSEH is a wonderful, heart warming story. It touches upon many of life's lessons. I truly enjoyed it and it will help prepare my boys in a positive way for what lies ahead in life. They have a grandfather who is sick. Thank for a great story."
Cathy McMullen, NH

"NANA, GRAMPA & TECUMSEH. I just read the book. It is beautiful. The funny thing is the grandparents in the story make me think of my Mom and Dad. My son is reading it and then I am planning on loaning the book to a family whose Grampa isn't doing well. I think it will help their two daughters."
Deb Morse, VT