Garden of Dreams

Garden Of Dreams


Hopeful, positive and timely are words that come to mind when reading Richard Wainwright's GARDEN OF DREAMS. This multicultural story of Anthony's dream to improve his neighborhood is told with honesty and understanding of the problems of growing up in a racially diverse area, and the courage and hard work it takes to undertake an innovative and difficult project. Children will appreciate that the heroes are boys and girls who, one at a time, join together to take a simple idea and watch it grow and produce tangible results. It is a wonderful and beautifully illustrated story of many ethnic backgrounds coming together to add their very special talents to help fulfill the hopes of a young boy.

Recommended Age:
6 through Adult

Overall Length:
56 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
21 pages

Benjamin Franklin Award

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"Once again, Richard Wainwright has woven a tale which appeals to the child and adult alike in GARDEN OF DREAMS. A near disaster unites a community around a boy's dream project. Friendship, hope and cooperation are central themes, which incorporate the values of caring, hard work and sacrifice. Richard has not forgotten how important a child's dream is growing up and his masterful storytelling and rich language make you want to read this story again and again."
M. Sommers, 4th Grade Teacher, NJ

"My 84 year old mother-in-law gave me GARDEN OF DREAMS for my children. I promptly sat down and read it. What a marvelous story and message. It incorporates just the type of values we want to give our family."
Margo Ward

"GARDEN OF DREAMS - an absolutely beautiful book in every way - illustrations and content. I am a teacher and the children loved it."
Mary Ried, Teacher, MI

"GARDEN OF DREAMS is a wonderful book. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to giving it to my grandchildren for Christmas."
Jean Leonard, MA

"I enjoyed reading GARDEN OF DREAMS a lot. It is not only for children. I liked the story and illustrations."
Mikiko Fukuda, Japan