The Crystal Palace of Adamas

The Crystal Palace Of Adamas


THE CRYSTAL PALACE OF ADAMAS is a beautifully written and illustrated story of Janus, a humanoid galactic pilot from the technologically advanced, yet resource depleted planet of Sagateum. Sagateum's desperate and despotic rulers wait for a message from one of their space pilots searching the universe for other habitable and exploitable planets.

Janus's extragalactic flight leads him to Adamas where he finds a simple, peaceful society. To his surprise, Adamians warmly welcome him to share the wonders of their planet. With his new friends, Sulia, Torak and Loria and their families, Janus begins to discover his own, human emotions.

Janus's reflection and final decision revolves around societal values, the use of technology and the preservation of the natural resources of a planet. Richard Wainwright has written another thoughtful tale which will entrance and delight children and adults alike.

Recommended Age:
10 through Adult

Overall Length:
72 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
39 pages

Benjamin Franklin Award

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"Mr. Wainwright, I really loved your book, THE CRYSTAL PALACE OF ADAMAS. I thought it was wonderful and when it ended I almost cried. I enjoyed every minute of it. You are my favorite writer."
Meghan Kessler, Junior High School Student, NY

"I thought THE CRYSTAL PALACE OF ADAMAS was great - another work from a literary genius. The illustrations were out of this world. Mr. Wainwright, you can't write fast enough."
Jennifer Lewis, Librarian, MA

"I started to skim through THE CRYSTAL PALACE OF ADAMAS and found I could not put it down. Beautiful illustrations and a descriptive style allowed me to see the story being told and understood the message of the beauty of life in all its forms. My son will love it."
Meg Mackenzie, MA

"I read THE CRYSTAL PALACE OF ADAMAS and thoroughly enjoyed it. You have such creative and thought provoking story lines. Your writing and illustrations are so imaginative. The concept of this beautiful book is fantastic."
Dee Burner, FL

"THE CRYSTAL PALACE OF ADAMAS is one of the best children's book I have ever read." Kyle Gazis, NY