Mountains to Climb

Mountains To Climb


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Mountains to Climb by Richard M. Wainwright, is a heartwarming story that deals with overcoming prejudice and handicaps in a positive and realistic manner.

It is a story of Roberto, a young Andean boy and proud owner of a one-eyed llama, who comes to live in the United States. They meet with discrimination, ridicule and prejudice until Roberto remembers his father's advice, "In every person's life there will be many mountains to climb, but they can be conquered one step at a time." So begins the process of reaching out and helping others overcome their fears and dislike of people and things that are different from them. Roberto is able to help two new handicapped friends also find acceptance and love.

The story is well suited to young people who will be able to recognize themselves and others in the story's main characters. Roberto is an engaging, caring boy, who without being pompous or pious enlists the reader's support and sympathy for what it is like to be different.

Recommended Age:
6 through Adult

Overall Length:
56 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
30 pages

Benjamin Franklin Award

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"MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB is a tender story which touches the chords in all readers as they face the challenge of being accepted, respected and then cherished by a new group of friends. Roberto reflects the positive attitude in the face of crisis that is the hope of all parents for their children. Sensitively illustrated which adds richly to the message of the book: so much in life to overcome, so worth the effort."

"I teach fourth grade and we just finished MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB. We, the children and I, loved it. We got into great discussions about physically challenged people (and animals) and discrimination."
Sally Orcutt, Teacher, MA

"I read MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB. It is the best book I have ever read. I liked how Roberto raises his llama and also how he stands up in class and gives a speech. Marcus and Keller did a great job."
Joshua Noseworth, 8th Grade Student, CT

"We were really touched by the magic of MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB - for how often do we see and hear of those who are judged or made fun of because of their skin color or their disabilities. What really counts in a person comes from within, not from the wrappings surrounding the soul. Surely the children who read this book will have a greater understanding of others and hopefully Richard Wainwright's thoughts will have a lasting impact on future generations."
Madeline H. Hamersley, NY

"I cried when I read MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB. There are beautiful lessons in this book. It should be in everyone's library."
Mary Satori, MA