A New Life for Sir Christopher

A New Life For Sir Christopher


A NEW LIFE FOR SIR CHRISTOPHER is a heartwarming story of a beautiful, wooden toy soldier and the effect he has on the various children who own him. We first meet Sir Christopher as a block of wood in an Indonesian rain forest. The block of wood is purchased by a master wood-carver and doll-maker who fashions him into a beautiful Queen's Guardsman. He then travels through several families in different parts of the world bringing joy, comfort and sometimes courage to the children who love him. His progress, from a block of wood to a battered one-legged sea captain, is a series of adventures that will delight and captivate children. Award winning author Richard Wainwright, once again shows us the magic he weaves in this charming story.

Recommended Age:
3 through Adult

Overall Length:
40 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
21 pages

Benjamin Franklin Award

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"A NEW LIFE FOR SIR CHRISTOPHER is wonderful. The children love your books. Both the text and illustrations are superb."
Mary Higgins Clark, Author, NJ

"A NEW LIFE FOR SIR CHRISTOPHER shows you should never give up. Furthermore, it teaches that you can accept and love someone just the way they are... and when you do, you get so much more love in return."
Adam C. Green, NJ

"A NEW LIFE FOR SIR CHRISTOPHER is wonderful! What an excellent combination of elements: the sea - its mysteries - England - the Queen - the creation of a toy. We love all your books!"
Denise Atwood, MA

"A NEW LIFE FOR SIR CHRISTOPHER is a beautiful book - a beautiful story and great illustrations. We received a copy as a gift and want another to donate to our library."
Darcy Dispirito, NJ

"A great idea of making the best of what life offers - A NEW LIFE FOR SIR CHRISTOPHER is a good lesson for young and old."
Lea Brown, CT