The Gift From Obadiah's Ghost

The Gift From Obadiah's Ghost


The Gift From Obadiah's Ghost is a story of overcoming fears. Tommy, the young hero, is so paralyzed by fear of the dark that not only must he sleep with a night light on, but he cannot even bring himself to go trick or treating with his friends on Halloween. His fear is handled with great sympathy and understanding by his parents, but it is a friendly 18th century ghost who cleverly and magically helps Tommy put aside his fears.

The subject of childhood fears, particularly fear of the dark, is treated with sensitivity and compassion. The Gift from Obadiah's Ghost is a beautifully written and illustrated Halloween tale and also a story of courage.

Recommended Age:
3 through Adult

Overall Length:
40 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
21 pages

Benjamin Franklin Award

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"THE GIFT FROM OBADIAH'S GHOST is a wonderful story. It truly lets children know that fear is normal and they can overcome anything."
Cheryl Smith, OH

"I snuggled up in bed one night to read to my boys, who are 11 and 2 1/2 years old. I chose THE GIFT FROM OBADIAH'S GHOST and to my surprise, it held their rapt attention from start to finish. Keep more of these special books coming."
Nancy Rossi, CA

"THE GIFT FROM OBADIAH'S GHOST was given to my daughter as a gift. I enjoyed it as much as she did and I am looking forward to other books by Mr. Wainwright." J. T. Holway, MA

"THE GIFT FROM OBADIAH'S GHOST - a grand book. Very, very, well written and beautifully illustrated. I loved it! I'll read it over and over again."
Rachel Lewis, MA

"Your, THE GIFT FROM OBADIAH'S GHOST, went straight to the heart. When Obadiah 'started to dry his eyes' and Tommy hugged him, my eyes filled with tears."
Reid Morrow, CT