Delightful is the word that immediately comes to mind to describe POOFIN by Richard Wainwright. The story is one that children relate to, the print is large and the illustrations superb.

The story is about a little cloud sent to earth at Christmas to help human beings. He has a series of humorous misadventures with a little boy who tries to straighten out the tangled results. Finally, Poofin is able to provide the little boy and the entire community with the best Christmas ever.

Recommended Age:
3 through Adult

Overall Length:
40 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
21 pages

Benjamin Franklin Award

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"Since children cry tears in pain or sadness, it is difficult for them to grasp the meaning of 'tears of joy.' POOFIN is a wonderful presentation of that mysterious concept. This book presents several difficult lessons in simple terms. I think it is outstanding."
Donna Marshall Wolf, NY

"POOFIN is a wonderful, imaginative story that children enjoyed as much as I enjoyed reading it to them. A nice reinforcement for the true meaning of Christmas with basic values built into the story."
Ann Marie Giampietro, MA

"It just so happened that my granddaughter was visiting yesterday and she sat down and read POOFIN immediately - and loved it. Last night, I sat down and read it - and loved it, too.It's super."
Betty Wright, FL

"We received a copy of POOFIN earlier than we thought possible and even better than we thought possible!! It is a dear story -- creative, imaginative and heart warming - a beautiful book."
Karen Lowe, VT

"POOFIN - what a beautiful book - a fabulous story! How wonderful to have a Christmas book of such excellent, yet simple quality."
Marcy Merzigian, MA

"POOFIN - one of the best Christmas stories ever."
Jeannie Swanson, CT

"I love POOFIN. It is amazingly cute and extraordinarily sweet. You don't have to be a child to enjoy this beautiful book."
Christine Keaneym, MA