A Tiny Miracle

A Tiny Miracle


Believing in something is what this read-aloud Christmas book for children ages three to eleven is all about. A small seedling is planted in the shadow of the wise old oak, so "he" never gets the full warmth of the sun. The tiny tree grows up smaller than the other evergreens, yet continues to believe that he will someday be chosen as a family's Christmas Tree.

He will get his wish. Along the way this book affirms some important values, including love between generations and kindness for others. The book's positive feelings are captured in colorful illustrations.

Recommended Age:
3 through Adult

Overall Length:
40 pages

Pages with Illustrations:
20 pages

Benjamin Franklin Award

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"My 16 month old daughter received A TINY MIRACLE as a Christmas gift. As a librarian and storyteller it is a wonderful uplifting story of hope. I'm sure my daughter will love it always."
Joan Wolff, Librarian, PA

"Your, A TINY MIRACLE, is lovely and inspiring. I predict it will become an American classic. Heaven knows we need stories that are uplifting and warm. It is refreshing to step back, be a child and use our imagination."
Elizabeth A. Parsons

"A TINY MIRACLE - Excellent! A book that should be part of every Christmas collection!"
Linda Spruill

"Last month a teaching colleague asked if she might come to my classroom to read a story. The next day she shared A TINY MIRACLE with all of us. How lucky we were - a truly heartwarming and beautiful story. My friend quietly said 'goodbye' and left us with some tears, some throats with lumps, some smiles and all filled with joy."
Jodie Breneman, Teacher, CA

"A TINY MIRACLE is the best children's book I have ever read to kids and they enjoyed listening to it and looking at the beautiful pictures. It is truly a heartwarming story."
Sherry Trahan

"A TINY MIRACLE is such a wonderful book, it moved me to tears. My mom's eighty and for Christmas I am giving her a set of Richard's books. After she has enjoyed them, she can pass them on to her grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your talent - it goes a long way toward this being a kinder, gentler, more understanding world."
Shirley S., VA